Qualified Tax Exempt non-profit organizations who work within our communities and support our mission to promote healthy, locally produced food and goods and support local sustainable agriculture.

We are looking for programs that are a great fit with Friends of the Farmers Market focus areas, are thoughtful about what need they are fulfilling, and have some examples of success of the program.

Grant Gifts will be in the general range of $500 – $1000

Application Deadlines

  • Spring
    • Application Submitted by Jan 31
    • Decisions made by March 20
  • Fall
    • Application Submitted By July 31
    • Decisions made by Sept 22

Applicants may submit one application per 12 month period.

Application Information

  • Organization Name
  • Organization Legal Name
  • Address, Phone, Website
  • Tax ID/ W-9
  • Geographic Area Served

Mission Statement

  • Cover Letter

Request Info

  • Program Title
  • Cover Letter
  • Program Description
    • What does your program do?
    • Why is your program needed in our community?
    • Who do you serve?
    • What is the impact?
  • Annual Budget
  • Program Budget

Grant Application FOFM