2016 Scholarship Recipients

Based on the quality of your written application and verbal answers in your in person interview, The RJMeyer Scholarship Committee has decided to award  you scholarship monies in the amount of

RJMeyer Scholarship Committee,

Thank you so much! I am so grateful you have chosen to help me with my education, I will put the money to excellent use! This will surely help me with my goals and bringing farming to the South Sound.
Thank you again,
Dear  RJ Meyer Scholarship Committee
      Thank you so much for this scholarship -Marguerite
I am incredibly honored to have been chosen for the RJMeyer scholarship! I will absolutely attend The Taste of the Market in August. I’m so proud to have been afforded this opportunity by people in my home area who are willing to invest in me as one of the next generation farmers. The ideal of feeding one’s own community (in many senses of the word!) has been in my consciousness for some time now, but when I read the first line of your email here, that concept instantly gelled into something very real, supportive, invigorating.